In my free time I always find ways to create things. From finding vintage outfits at thrift shops to photographing the street or a crazy concept with my analog camera to my newly found interest in painting symbolism with oils on canvas. My creativity knows no boundaries, being ever so curious about anything and everything.

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Street life

Photographing the street inspires me and makes for good stories with strangers you would normally pass-by. People, colors or a scenery that could have been from the past are the things I look out for the most.



I sometimes visualize an image that I can't get out of my head. I have no trouble organizing and preparing a photo idea for weeks on end, because I'm eager and curious to see the final result on film, how crazy the idea might be.


Strctly Analog

I am a big fan of analog photography and have worked for 5 years in a photolab, educating people on analog photography. In 2021 I decided to share my knowledge and talk to my analog friends by creating a one season podcast where I talk about working as an analog photographer in modern day world.


Symbolism on oil

I recently started painting and fell in love with painting with oils. Old movies from the 70's, 80's or 90's and symbolism in alchemy is my main inspiration when creating a painting.


Collecting visuals

I'm always collecting images that spark my creativity in some way. Something that is reflective in the way I design. Combining contrasting visuals and make it into something innovative is what excites me.